Special Thanks!

Usually, it is not enough to dream about the way you want your wedding to be. There are also things that need to be done. Apart from your own personal work and effort in organizing everything, you need the right people to do the hard work, especially with the preparation of the event based on your vision!We are more than happy to have put trust to each and every person that helped us make our dream wedding come true!

Saint Mary's Space

The Place!


Appin’s breath-taking natural beauty and romantically picturesque scenery made it the ideal choice for our wedding to take place!

Saint Mary’s Space is in the heart of the Highlands, surrounded by magnificent mountains, fairy tale woods and lakes, making it the perfect sanctuary for an intimate homely wedding.

As for our lovely hosts, Charlotte & Jamie, they warmly opened their home making us feel welcome, cherished and loved. They generously helped us with every single detail around our special event, making sure that everything was exactly as we envisioned it and did their absolute best to ensure that we had the best possible experience!

If you want to learn more about Saint Mary’s Space, click the button below.

Vivienne Hyndman

Our Celebrant!

Vivienne’s presence gave our ceremony the warmth and spirituality we were seeking !

She dedicated precious time in truly learning and understanding our path to marriage and created a wonderful ceremony speech that deeply touched our hearts. She offered us a unique, beautiful and touching ceremonial memory which we will cherish for the rest of our lives.

If you too are looking for a similarly unique ceremony, click bellow to know more about Vivienne Hyndman and the Humanist Ceremony.


The VideoPhotographers!

Taking stunning photos & videos of a wedding and somehow manage to make yourself “invisible” in the process, should definitely be considered a super-power ! Our photographers delivered utterly satisfying results combined with the most discreet presence and smooth, effortless shooting experience we could ever imagine. Of course, we couldn’t forget them going overboard to ensure the ultimate ceremony shooting for us, as they dedicated their own time a day prior to reveal the best shooting spots of the area.

If you want stunning photos & videos in Scotland, click bellow to meet them.

Munro Bagpiper

The Bagpiperman!

Our wedding ceremony just wouldn’t be the same without Grant’s amazing bagpiping. When Grant started playing, the spiritual door to our ceremony magically opened. His music captured the whole essence, beauty and mystery of Scotland and embedded it in our hearts, for a lifetime!

There simply can’t be a Scottish wedding without a bagpiper’s musical veil!

Or better say, there simply can’t be a Scottish wedding without Grant

We feel so thankful and blessed to have our dream wedding come true with the support of

our family and our new friends in Scotland!

We Thank You All!

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